About City Pizza and reviews

City Pizza serves delicious bottom-toasted screen pizza topped with quality fresh mozzarella and a wide variety of toppings, traditional, dinners, appetizers, wrap, calzones, burgers, grinders, sandwiches and more...

Located in Holyoke Massachusetts, City pizza is an Italian pizzeria that offers the best in Italian food. 


Carlos Q.

The best pizza in Holyoke MA I love everything about it great Pizza. The delivery is very fast and the service is great also please try the grinders very tasty and fresh.

Jäger P.

We've been customers for almost 2 years and can't say a bad word about this place. Great food, nice people

Jenna E.

One of our favorite go-to delivery places. Extensive menu with so many variable options. Calzones are my very favorite, order the 'small' size and you'll have plenty for dinner and for lunch the next day.

Victor P.

Es good and convenient I hope they KEEP the good job you call and they well be there and the food is hot customer service is good.

Chele B.

Excellent nice crisp crust fresh mushrooms and big fat juice wings. I would definitely recommend and order again.

Amberle B.

First time called ordered a pizza, tortellini soup, and a chicken Caesar salad. Driver came, no pizza. Called it in and verified pizza wasn't ordered the first time according to the girl who answered the phone. Ok, fine. Reordered the pizza. At this point we start pulling out the rest of the items ordered. (Which came an hour after it was prdered) Grab the salad knowing it was larger than a single serving and planning to split it in 2 with a bowl. Pull out the toppings and find multiple pieces of wilted lettuce that was towards the bottom and not near the chicken (I know that pieces of lettuce near hot chicken are going to discolor but these pieces were not near chicken and did not have the same hot chicken wilt that would be expected). Then opened the soup, guess what, not the correct soup. I opened chicken noodle not chicken tortellini as I had ordered. So I called again and told them I that I had the wrong soup and was willing to give it back uneaten for the correct soup. I was strongly told by the woman on the phone that I was wrong and that she put in exactly what my husband had ordered. Mind you he was literally reading off of a screenshot he had take of the order. Then I asked to speak to a manager who insulted me and accused me of insulting his businesses because I called about both the pizza then the soup and salad. We tried multiple times to try to compromise with him then he hung up up my husband, to which I called back and it took several attempts to have the manager give me 10 seconds of his time from assaulting me with insults to simply tell him to cancel the re-ordered pizza and I would take the hit from the salad and wrong soup. Worst experience ever and will absolutely NEVER do business with them ever again!

About City Pizza and reviews

About City Pizza and reviews

About City Pizza and reviews

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