6 easy spinach salad recipes

A fresh spinach salad is one of the best ideas you can have for eating in the summer.

With the heat you've been doing, I do not feel like eating anything hot. So my seasonal menu and the sixth sense of my stomach are giving preference to salads, in all its cold or natural forms. If I add the idea of ​​a very nutritious recipe, the result is a huge salad with spinach and, for freshness, a salad of raw spinach.

The problem of preparing spinach in salad is that I start thinking about too many ingredients, and come on, the idea is not that the flavors are not recognized. So to not lose track, and make a real recipe for spinach, I go first with a basic preparation and then with several ideas that include other combinations.

Easy and quick spinach salad

The important thing is that you use fresh spinach, they can be the ones sold in the bag and ready to consume, or bought directly from a fruit bowl. If it is the second case you should wash them well before using.

spinach salad

spinach salad
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Salad with spinach

Step by step preparation of a delicious and very fresh spinach salad. Healthy and easy to makeTo be doubly sure that they were very clean, I leave them in a bowl with water and a stream of vinegar, for at least a couple of minutes.
  • While soaking your spinach, you can take the opportunity to toast your nuts. This step is optional, but recommended, especially if you decided to use pine nuts. To toast use an iron or pan with intermediate fire, and leave to brown your nuts for a maximum of 5 minutes, or until you notice that the color intensified and that they began to shed the smell. Make sure the fire does not go away, because some blackened nuts can damage the final taste of your salad. After roasting, remove the fruits from the hot surface and leave them in a separate container.
  • Drain the spinach with a colander and then arrange it in a bowl.
  • Leave Drop a few drops of the juice of the half lemon on the spinach. If that day you do not have lemon nothing happens, but I always follow this step because it gives a more refreshing touch to the recipe.
  • Prepare the dressing in a cup, mixing the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper to taste (I recommend a pinch of each, unless you are a lover of spicy food).
  • Once the dressing is well mixed, when it has a homogeneous consistency, pour over the spinach.
  • Finish by dropping the nuts on the mixture.
  • Remove all the ingredients so that the dressing and the fruits reach all the spinach leaves, and serve .
  • Fresh spinach salad recipes

    Here are the combinations of ingredients to not always prepare the traditional recipe, but always starting from the basic salad that we just made.

    • Spinach salad and cheese

    My favorite, with goat cheese. Keep the light and fresh spirit of the recipe.

    Chop 100 grams of goat cheese into small cubes, and add them to the basic salad. The harder the cheese is, the better the salad will look. If you do not get goat cheese, you can use white cow cheese, but the result is not so winning.

    If you still want to increase the fresh touch of this combination, add a handful of cherry tomatoes, well washed .

    • Spinach and strawberry salad

    Almost certainly, the best combination for summer. The strawberries add a gourmet touch to the salad, and that is always a useful tip in case you are cooking to try to impress someone.

    Add to the basic salad 200 grams of choice strawberries, washed and disinfected. If they are large enough strawberries and you have time, you can cut them into slices, but avoid being too thin, so they retain their shape.

    • Spinach and apple salad

    He who thought of this idea for the first time was surely a genius. The combination with apples is a cocktail of vitamins and the best way to make children eat spinach.

    The best apples for this preparation are sweet greens. With 200 grams, wash the fruits well and cut them into thin slices, always taking care to remove the seeds, stems and other hard parts of the center.Mix the chicken strips with the basic preparation and turn your salad into a strong dish.

    • Chickpea and spinach salad

    I leave to your choice if you prefer canned chickpeas or cooked from scratch.

    At Comedera.com we propose a different recipe for this combination. Here I leave the link.